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Never go on trips with anyone you do not love – Ernest Hemingway

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It seems like forever ago since we planned an international trip and finally its happening. We endured two years of the pandemic, much of which made it nearly impossible to cross borders. We said goodbye one pet (our Little Old Man and star of the luggage photos) and picked up another (see Hank the Tank […]

Little did we know that Jen’s annual Birthday trip would be our last adventure before the pandemic changed everyone’s access to travel. Like most we have been laying low and waiting for things to improve while reminiscing about past adventures. It has taken us nearly 8 months to gather ourselves and the memories to make […]

It was Monday morning and the start to our 17th and final day on holiday. If all goes as planned by Midnight Central Timezone we should be back in the Lone Star State in our own beds. We enjoyed another wonderful breakfast in the rooftop restaurant before gathering a few last items from the room […]

We spent the final weekend of our holiday in Athens at the Hotel Grande Bretagne. This beauty opened for business in 1874 and is steps from the Parliament, botanical gardens, the first modern day Olympic stadium, and some of the City’s best shopping. The property includes interesting architecture, art, and craftsmanship at every turn. Having […]

It is always a bittersweet morning when you wake up in your cabin at a place as fantastic as Mykonos but also realize it is for final port of call. We have previously visited Mykonos so we decided again to head to the beach for sun and relaxation. We made our way to the city […]

We arrived in small island Patmos Thursday morning with our sights set on a relaxing beach day. Our own research and suggestions from staff pointed us to Kampos Beach. We started towards the town center to peruse the shops before hailing a taxi to the beach. When it came time to hail the taxi things […]

Wednesday morning brought us the famous caldera with the spectacular view of Fira on the island of Santorini. Our day’s itinerary included a mid afternoon excursion to a winery so we began with a gondola ride up the cliffs to take in the sites, sounds, and smells of the streets of Fira. After a brief […]

Tuesday morning came early as we pulled into the port of Chania with the rising sun off our starboard side. We were up and planning our day that started with a trip to the Manousakis Winery and Vineyards. By 9 AM our small group was loaded into our Range Rover and our affable driver pledged […]