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Never go on trips with anyone you do not love – Ernest Hemingway

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After disembarking the boat and catching our excellent transfer arranged by Windstar we checked back in at the delightful Mandarin Oriental for one more day and night. We debated for a bit about how to spend our last afternoon in Singapore before deciding to visit the zoo. Next decision, how to get there? The public […]

Our final port destination before returning to Singapore was Malacca. We were awake early and often on the 9th morning due to our obnoxious and clueless neighbors opening and closing their door no less than 8 times during the six o’clock hour. Nevertheless, we joint a group exploring the “Dutch Trail” meandering through the Malacca […]

On day 8 we found ourselves at the port of Pon Klang, Malaysia. The real destination of the day would be an hour bus ride to Kuala Lumpur. First stop was for a viewing of the national monument. While there we got a chance to observe filming for part of a Bollywood production. We then […]

We were up early as the ship docked at Penang. We signed up for bike tour with a small group and of course that assured a rainstorm. Virtually the minute we descended the port escalators the skies opened up. Thankfully the tour company pivoted and arranged a bus (a very groovy one at that) to […]

On the morning of day 6 we hopped on a tinder to explore the beachfront and adjoining streets of Patong Beach before the ship’s midday departure. It may seem odd but we always enjoy visiting local convenience stores and markets to discover the local treats. One common thread has emerged during the trip, shrimp based […]

On the morning of our fifth day we awoke as our ship approached the island of Phuket anchoring in Patong Bay. At approximately 8:30 we were anchored and prepared to go ashore. Only to discover we were an hour early! Our phones had not automatically updated to the new time zone. For those tracking, we […]

On day 3 we made our way to the cruise and ferry terminal to board Windstar’s Star Legend. The boarding process was quick and hospitable. Our initial impressions of the vessel were negative due to the age and lack of modernizing. The cabin/suite did prove to be very spacious, including a walk in closet and […]

On day 2 in Singapore we were up early to enjoy breakfast and plan our day. First item on the itinerary were the Gardens by the Bay. If you have ever seen any pictures of Singapore you have likely seen the iconic “trees”. The trees and elevated walkway are impressive and are surrounded by lush […]

Feet on the ground we left the comfy confines of the hotel and set out to explore the nearby sights. First stop, Marina Bay Sands Resort. The iconic structure is a must see for any visit to Singapore and just a 10 minute walk from our hotel. For us, it provided an opportunity to check […]

We woke a good two hours later than expected which hastened our packing. One we pulled everything together the old fella struck his usual pose beside the baggage. We loaded up and headed for DAL with a stop at the Arlington Heights Animal Hospital to drop the kids off at the Retreat. We arrived in […]