Packing Begins with Every Girls Fav, Her Hair Straightener 

Yes Ladies, we can have straight hair while overseas but before you plug your favorite American hair straightener that you know so well and love, into that adapter, DON’T!!

Trust me, there is not an adapter that works no matter what kind of advice you might find on the Internet.  Trust me, I’ve tried and lost my favorite straighteners, TWICE.  My husband discovered the best solution after blowing the second one the first night in Barcelona two years, well three now.  While trudging through the rain soaked streets of Cannes there it was like a ray of sunshine in skies that never let up – a European one – to this day I have no idea if it was $20 or way more but it was the best investment ever.

So ladies, just don’t plug yours into that adapter.  May your first stop be a Pharmacia to grab a European one.  Trust me, you will be glad you did when going back through those vacation photos!


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