We are off to the Rhone!

It’s time. Nice has been fantastic but it is time to get to Avignon and unpack on the boat.     
 We had a fantastic last night out in Nice and staying out a little later than expected thanks to great conversation with a fellow Canadian and his two Irish cousins. Still confused about that one but conversation with the Irish ladies was priceless.

One last stroll through the market with a stop for breakfast at a little and very busy French Cafe and a breakfast. Unbeknown to us, the “brunch plate” would easily hold us over for the rest of the day and then some – big basket of bread & pastry, eggs, salad, cheeses (oh there was a ton of cheese) and meat. (Yep, maybe over kill)

After what seemed like all day on a hot stuffy bus ride (it was only three hours) with a small stop so a certain demographic could have a bathroom break, we arrived! (Never good when the older ladies ask as they are getting on what time we would be stopping for a break!)

The Viking Buri will be our “home” for the next week. First things first, unpack, navigate those first night jitters when you look around and realize the average age is 65 and they don’t want you at there table. And there they were like a beacon in the night, another young couple! (Who incidentally were rejected seats at other tables).

 Quick note, itinerary change – our river cruise will not be cruising for several days. That’s right, not moving. Let’s say we are not impressed. Chris complained nicely at midnight while I cried. We get so little time off and look forward to this and expected to move on. Oh well, time to make the best of it! The staff and management have been very understanding and seem to be doing all they can to make the trip a memorable one.

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