Les Halles de Bocuse and the Sound of France

After an enjoyable and pleasant night out at a street side cafe in Vienne, with a group of about 20, we opted to sleep in a little (we weren’t the only ones) and spend a leisurely morning on the Viking Buri.  While we sailed towards Lyon the culinary staff prepared a “A Taste of Provence” for lunch before entering the Burgundy region.

Once arriving in Lyon, we were treated (along with a small group) to a late day trip with our chef, Sandra, and members of her team to Les Halles de Bocuse, a local indoor food market. Even late in the day with a few of the vendors closed it excited the senses and wet our appetites.  The festivities included a cheese tasting (I was in heaven), salami tasting (although don’t dare call it salami to the French) and a small wine tasting.  Chris had an interesting experience, after standing waiting for a glass, another guest (older man, maybe in his early 60’s and from California) actually took the glass of wine from Chris’s hand.  Those of you that know Chris are probably thinking “oh snap!”  Apparently the look on Chris’s face got through to the guy and he handed the glass back, otherwise I fear I’d be trying to navigate the French justice system. 😉

That night brought a fun performance by “Sound of France” featuring opera, music and lively entertainment.  Our new friend Chais ended up as the object of affection of the male singer, Sebastian, as they performed.

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