Reflections on Fellow Cruisers

Let me start by saying, we met incredible people on this trip.  People who share our passion for travel, who share a passion for life, new sights, new experiences that change our perspectives, and who were extremely welcoming.

One couple in particular was so thrilled to see “young people” on the cruise.  The first night they declared to our table, “we are so thrilled to have young people on board!”  They were so sweet and became fast friends, always smiling, waving, engaging us in conversation.  They told us the secret to a lasting marriage is …. His & Her TVs in separate rooms!  Thank you Bob & Linda, you really are special.

Lester & Peachy, who we randomly met in a restaurant in Nice, were equally lovely.  At the end of the cruise Peachy (who swore me to secrecy about her real name) hugged me tight and told me Chris and I remind us of them when they were young.  If we can be someone’s “Lester & Peachy” someday we have done it right.

Not all were so accepting of “young” people on the boat and either looked at us with utter distance or were plain weird.

Old lady, wider than tall – “where is the rest of your dress” – um, excuse me, it was an inch or two above my knee?! – she would later fall, break her arm, bruising her face while walking across flat carpet.

Tall gentleman with white hair & glasses who approached us while waiting to board the coach – “I have extra tissues in my pocket if you need one.  I only had two yesterday and it wasn’t enough.” – um, okay sure, this isn’t odd or awkward at all.

Nemesis lady who had been haunting us since Dulles – with attitude, like we were idiots, “if you are saving those seats you should be putting the napkins on the chairs” – um, sigh.


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