Jet Lag Subsides, Vatican City Treasures, Amazing Dinner Before Sail Day

We were up and wrapping up breakfast by 10 AM on day 2, officially slaying the jet lag bug. We have visited Vatican City before but few things in life are as moving as what lies inside those walls, regardless of one’s personal convictions. We started with revisiting the stunning Basilica and a quick trip through the tombs beneath. The size, depth, and grandeur of the Basilica’s interior are something that just do not come across in photos.
Previously, we haven not had the time to see the museum and the Sistine Chapel within. We devoted the majority of the afternoon to touring the massive collection. The Chapel was everything it is billed to be. Unfortunately photos are not permitted but the memories are precious. On a similar front, Chris found this equally moving piece that in his mind, perfectly channels how he and his cat appear to the outside world.

It was late afternoon so we hopped on the metro and made our way back to the hotel’s neighborhood. Ironically, while walking from the station, we bumped into the one guy we know in Rome, the hotel’s maître d’ relaxing at a cafe. After a brief rest and shower, we taxied our way to dinner at Giuda Ballerino, atop the Hotel Bristol Bernini. The food was amazing and the view, well…

Goodnight Rome, we loved you once again, but the ship sets sail tomorrow with Florence in our sights. Time to pack those bags, attach those tags, and head to the port. Buona notte!

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