Napoleon Complex (That was obvious)

Tuesday, we awoke at the port of Ajaccio, Corsica, a French territory, off the western coast of Italy. That is not a typo, we had no idea and that is the beauty of travel, erase preconceptions and ignorance. We have never visited Corsica, so expectations were high.

Why visit Ajaccio? Well, there was this chap named Napoleon who was born and christened there. Naturally, the main draw is his birthplace and the church that claims his christening. 

With the little guy out of he way, the focus of our visit was a trip to the towns’ central market. Open daily, the market serves as the primary source for the locals’ vegetables, cheese, charcuterie, olives, fruits, and pastries. We sampled many of these delicacies and oh how we love our copa.  If only we could share the smell of ripe olives and cheese with you.

After a successful morning we realized there is not a heck of a lot else to see, so we returned to our ship for a lazy afternoon at the pool while watching the small harbor teaming with boat traffic. 

As the evening sun set, the captain set sail for Pallma De Mallorca! We have not been to Spain for a few years, nor have we experienced Mallorca. We will have to wait however, for Wednesday is a day at sea.

2 thoughts on “Napoleon Complex (That was obvious)

  1. I have friends from Corsica. I have always heard great things about the island. Say hello to Rafa Nadal when you get to Mallorca.

    Keep enjoying your trip and remember: I expect my musical photo album no later than a week after you come back.

    PS Where are Tiger & cock?

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