A day at the beach and a helipad!

Day two in Mallorca meant beach time. We were toes in the sand and reclining our chairs by late morning at Palma Nova! We spent around 3 hours sunning and bathing. Here is a tip if you find yourself needing a restroom at Palma Nova. Do not waste your euros on the public restroom, no amount of jiggling, twisting, or brute force method will open the door, at least in our experience. Instead, at the north end of the beach, there is a McDonald’s that if you make any sort of purchase provides a code on your receipt that unlocks their restrooms for the next 30 minutes. 

For lunch we returned to the ship and played bocce on the upper deck. For those unfamiliar with Celebrity’s solstice class ships, there is indeed a lawn on the upper deck. 

Upon returning to our stateroom, we were surprised with an invitation to experience the sail away from the helipad! We aren’t sure what list we were a part of to be selected, possibly the “biggest pain in the a$$” list, but we are glad to experience it!

We are off to Cartagena, Spain!

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