We will be back Valencia

Our final port of call, Valencia, left us wanting more. Our first few hours of Sunday morning were spent exploring the Coves de Saint Josep. Visitors are ushered into small boats that are guided through an underground river, with a brief stop to further explore the caves by foot. Photography is not allowed inside the caves so unfortunately we have limited photos.

After the Coves, we participated in a walking tour of the Ciutat Vella and Lel Mercat neighborhoods. The tour provided a brief overview of the area. Following the walking tour, we boarded the coach for the trip back to the port that included a brief view of the City of Arts and Sciences. We are providing a link with description because we were unable to capture photos of any quality and cannot pretend to describe the complex. The architecture and concept are breathtaking. A complete visit to the area will for sure be on our agenda for when we return. If that wasn’t enough, a glimpse of Las Arenas Beach from the coach and upper deck of the ship leaves us yearning for a return visit to Valencia. 

Life goes on and vacations must end, however, so we boarded the ship for the last time to set sale for Barcelona. One last evening before disembarkation, luckily a day and evening of leisure awaits us in Barcelona.

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