Hello Lisbon!

The connections were far from ideal (7 JFK hour layover) but we persevered with patience and complimentary wine at the Delta Sky Club.

We finally reached the tarmac in Lisbon the morning of August 29th and low and behold the weather was gorgeous! Well, overcast and rainy, but thankfully that steadily improved. After gathering our bags we met our friendly driver courtesy of the good people of Blacklane. Within twenty minutes we were standing at the doorstep of the gorgeous and quirky Fontecruz Lisboa.

Exhausted but undeterred we dropped our bags with the front desk and headed out to the streets for nourishment and sight seeing. We quickly made our way towards the Tagus River and along the way found a nice spot for wine and small plates. After sardines, Portuguese sausage, and chicken gizzards, not to mention a delicious chocolate dessert, we were fueled and ready to hit the streets and head to the Praça do Comércio.

We finally had pushed our bodies as far as we could on the first afternoon and crashed for a nap before our first night in the Lisbon city center…

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