Lisbon Friday Finale

Our final full day in Lisbon was upon us so we checked the travel guide for any of must see sites. After some deliberation we decided to make our way (uphill, like everything in Lisbon – pack your sturdy/comfortable walking shoes!) towards the Lisbon Cathedral, often called simply the Sé.

Having gotten our cathedral thrills for the day, we began the ascent to Castillo Rua de São Jorge. This time by way of steps, what felt like a thousand steps. Lisbon also has lots and lots and lots of steps. It began to occur to us that this vacation has a lot of fortification touring so far. Anyhow, the real draw is the beautiful view from the top unless your a castle weirdo.

After the climb and earlier touring we headed for the city center, whipped out TripAdvisor, and found a fabulous little tapas place for lunch called da Prata 52. Not exactly hidden but you could easily walk by it.

Lunch was done and so was our itinerary. We therefore began to wander back towards the hotel, stopping for some shopping, before ultimately deciding to finish off the afternoon with a couple rather small gin & tonics.

Adequately subdued we returned to the room for a well earned nap. We capped our stay in Lisbon with a fabulous dinner at Bistro 4 within the PortoBay Hotel.

We returned to the Fontecruz for our final nightcap before jetting off to Bordeaux and joining the Viking Forsetti.

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