To the Left Bank of the Gironde

For most of the trip we have been dining and tasting along the Right Bank of the Bordeaux region. For Thursday, we were traversing the Left Bank.

Shortly after lunch, we began the day’s sightseeing viewing many of the ultra famous chateaux in the region, such as Mouton Rothschild, via coach from outside the gates. Before long, we arrived at our ultimate destination, Château Prieuré-Lichine.

As usual, the visit began with a brief tour of the facility including the history and methods that make the wine’s special. One of the more interesting points of the tour included the evolution of what medium is used to ferment the wines. The process has gone from wood, to concrete, to stainless steel, and now uses ultra modern giant tulip shaped concrete vats.

Once the tour was complete, you guessed it, time to taste some wine. We began with the second tier wine and progressed to the chateau’s premier label. The tasting room arranged a unique comparison of two similar vintages, the 2011 and then the 2006 to highlight the aging and how these wines can evolve over time. We of course could not leave without sending a few souvenirs home. We are anxiously awaiting another half case of the 2011.

During the river cruise, the end of the usually involves dinner with friends back on the boat. Not tonight, the fine people of Viking River Cruises arranged and incredible event at Château Kirwan that included a multiple course meal complete with incredible wines from the Château. It was a truly wonderful afternoon and evening of great food and wine.

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