While the Parents are Away…

While we are not parents in the traditional sense, we are “parents” to two extraordinary felines. Yes, extraordinary because they are ours, not so extraordinary if you are not a cat person.

Cats are easy right, just leave them at home and have someone stop by. Easier said then done when you have a senior cat who needs medication, is an extremely finicky eater and a young wild one used to “mom” working from home.

So what to do?! Off to The Retreat at Arlington Heights Animal Hospital. Let me say, AHAH has saved my sanity and I would not take them anywhere else. We can only hope someone will make sure we have 1/2 the care in our old age that these two are getting this vacation. (No I will not be looking at the bill.)

Daily updates/voicemails on quantity of food in and out of each, as well as a general update, has brought peace of mind. Even Francois (Moe) has been in the vacation spirit and has been repeatedly described as “sweet” “loving” and “friendly.” While I’m grateful, why do I feel like my cat is cheating on me?

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