Travel Day(s) – departure and arrival

We woke a good two hours later than expected which hastened our packing. One we pulled everything together the old fella struck his usual pose beside the baggage.

We loaded up and headed for DAL with a stop at the Arlington Heights Animal Hospital to drop the kids off at the Retreat. We arrived in plenty of time for a late airport lunch before our flight to LAX. Is there a better people meeting spot on earth than a wine bar in an airport?

After a lackluster flight to LAX and a three hour layover, we boarded our flight to Singapore!

An 18 hour flight is just as long as it sounds, LOL. You can only nap, eat, drink, stretch, repeat, so many times before you realize holy sh!t there’s still 6 hours to go. Nevertheless we made it to Singapore and checked into our room at the Mandarin Oriental with a great view of some of the iconic structures around the bay.

Off to see some sightseeing! Jet lag be damned.

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