Day 8 – Kuala Lumpur

On day 8 we found ourselves at the port of Pon Klang, Malaysia. The real destination of the day would be an hour bus ride to Kuala Lumpur. First stop was for a viewing of the national monument. While there we got a chance to observe filming for part of a Bollywood production.

We then proceeded to Independence Square. The main administrative building now is home to the Tourism Department and was built by the British using over 4 Million bricks. The Malaysian people are extremely proud of their independence and eager to highlight the flag pole that last flew the Union Jack in 1957 and point out the Sultans portraits.

The days feature attraction and a must see/do for anyone visiting Kuala Lumpur is the Petronas Towers skywalk and observation deck. The signature towers of the city’s skyline have been used as a backdrop in numerous movies. The skywalk connects to two main towers and is accessible by ticket and an elevator ride to the 41st floor.

After a brief visit there, we proceeded to the 86th floor observation lounge. Obviously the views are spectacular.

After descending the tower we enjoyed lunch in the expansive mall connected to the towers. We were told good Malaysian food makes you sweat, well ours must have been good because boy did we sweat! The mall highlighted the amazing complexity of the cultures and ancestry that make up Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur.

We left the city center and returned to the cruise terminal for a quick workout and rest. The evening’s dinner program was different than prior nights and included a wide array of foods, from a roasted pig to grilled lobster, served outside in the upper decks including entertainment.

Towards the end of the event the staff displayed their line dancing skills, yes, you read that correctly. When the Cupid Shuffle came around we determined they needed our expert guidance and do what we do. No cruise is complete without the Cupid Shuffle. Judge away land lovers.

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