The Final Stop

After disembarking the boat and catching our excellent transfer arranged by Windstar we checked back in at the delightful Mandarin Oriental for one more day and night.

We debated for a bit about how to spend our last afternoon in Singapore before deciding to visit the zoo. Next decision, how to get there? The public transportation would take too long and we were low on cash for a taxi (and too lazy to find an ATM), so we decided to download Grab, the areas equivalent to Uber. Setup was fairly simple and before we knew it we had ourselves transportation and made it to the zoo. The zoo was awesome and made for a great last day!

Having had our fill of the animals we summoned another car and headed back to the MO for rest. Admittedly thoroughly exhausted by this time in the trip we debated whether we should venture out for dinner or stay in for the night. Luckily, we shamed each other into summoning the energy and headed to dinner. Based on the advice of a traveler from back home who frequents Singapore, we chose Atlas. There are attractive restaurants and lounges and then there is this place.

Before we knew it the night was gone and we awoke to the realization it was time to pack and return home to plan our next adventure!

Off to the absurdly beautiful and awesome Changi airport. Thanks to everyone for following our ramblings and hopefully we see you soon!

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