Day of Departure

We awoke early with anticipation and as with any trip a small list of last minute items to check off the list. The cats were remarkably calm and went about their morning routine. That being, we feed them and they go off to enjoy the morning light by their favorite window.

As the last few items were packed we marveled at how easily the packing process had gone. Had we forgotten several things or finally managed to keep things under control? Time will tell. One item we added to our travel arsenal this year was a digital luggage scale.

Marvelous device that takes the guesswork out of ensuring your bags aren’t over the limit. Nothing worse than having to crack open the luggage at the ticket counter to even then up because your are a pound over. This becomes especially critical on return trips if you are inclined to bring back bottles of wine (always under the max number dictated by customs of course).

With everything and everyone packed up, we were off to the airport with a brief stop at the “cat spa”.

Somehow we arrived at DFW several hours prior to departure. Easily the quickest drive, parking, and security (thank you TSA Pre) phase of a trip ever. After a bit of a wait our plane to Montreal was here and it was time to kickoff the first leg of the trip!

Once in Montreal we enjoyed our last pre-trip North American meal and spent some restful time in the Priority Pass lounge next to gate 53. If you haven’t signed up for one of the various credit cards that carries that perk we highly suggest doing so. Sure you typically pay a hefty annual fee but if you take advantage of that perk and other travel related credits it more than pays for itself.

And finally with the chicken riding shotgun we are boarded for our overnight to Venice! Ciao!

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