Montenegro, Tići, and a Closed Cat Museum!?

Opting not to awake at the crack of dawn and observe the sail into Kotor, Montenegro, we opted with breakfast on our balcony with the breathtaking views all around. This was our second trip to Kotor and the natural beauty of the bay it is still stunning.

After breakfast we joined a group visiting a family owned olive oil producing farm in Tići. Once there two brothers from the eighth generation guided us through the property describing the production of the oil.

This was followed up with lunch that of course included a tasting of the property’s oil.

We finished up in Tići and headed back to Kotor for a brief walk through the old town. Like many historical walled European towns it has been overrun by tourists and souvenir shops making it difficult to discern legitimate local products and food from junk. It is still worth a walk through the town to enjoy nature’s backdrop above the city and mingle with the hundreds of cats that are revered for their role in minimizing the affect of the plague. Inexplicably however, the town’s cat museum was closed the day we were there!?

After the brief walk through the old town we retreated to our cabin to prepare for the evening that included dinner and excellent on-board entertainment. Before long we were sailing from Montenegro and sailing to the Greek isles where we will spend the next week of the voyage.

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