Spa, Agriturismo and Katacolon

After a week away from home we spent some well deserved time at the ship’s spa after breakfast. We were very pleased with the appearance and services offered by Azamara. The spa on our last ship resembled a World War II infirmary.

After our time at this spa we joined an excursion traveling to the Karabelas family estate to enjoy more discussion of olive oil production and an amazing lunch. We tasted everything from the purest of cooking and finishing oils, brined olives, and very good estate produced wine. We have visited numerous similar facilities but the combination of the host’s personality and expertise with the exceptional products places it at or near the top.

After lunch we purchased a couple bottles of olive oil and returned to the ship for rest and a little exercise to help make room for dinner in one of the ship’s specialty restaurants, Prime C.

Before long we were off to Gytheio!

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