Patmos Beach Day

We arrived in small island Patmos Thursday morning with our sights set on a relaxing beach day. Our own research and suggestions from staff pointed us to Kampos Beach. We started towards the town center to peruse the shops before hailing a taxi to the beach.

When it came time to hail the taxi things got complicated. There is one central taxi stand and at that time twenty or so people vying for position and no real organization to the process. Before long we gave up and tried to find a car or quad to rent. That search was fruitless and on a whim decided to check the taxi line again. It had indeed lessened and better yet, one driver standing next to his cab motioned over and offered 40 Euro round trip with payment upon return. So we hopped in and off we went Kampos Beach.

He dropped us at Sea and Sun Beach Club and would pick us up three hours later. We settled in at two of the beach loungers and did a bit of swimming although the beach has a ten foot stretch of cobbles at the waterline making it difficult to enter and exit the surf. We did preserve and cross the cobbles to be met by a very refreshing dip. After our fair share of sun we retreated for lunch and enjoyed a wonderful wine with fresh grilled fish.

Like clockwork at the agreed upon time the taxi arrived and whisked is back to the port where we did a bit of shopping before returning to the ship.

It was a typical evening on the ship with music and fun with friends. One more port on the horizon, off to Mykonos!

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