Last Call in Mykonos

It is always a bittersweet morning when you wake up in your cabin at a place as fantastic as Mykonos but also realize it is for final port of call. We have previously visited Mykonos so we decided again to head to the beach for sun and relaxation. We made our way to the city bus station within easy walking distance of the old town and bought tickets for the Elia Beach.

So off we went and 20 minutes later we were in our beach loungers with a button at our disposal to summon food and drink. The sand and surf were gorgeous!

After a good three hours we hopped back on the last bus and returned to the port and our ship.

We had one more evening with our new friends and the wonderful staff but first the dreaded final cruise night packing and positioning of the luggage. Later that night we exchanged hugs and contact info with friends far and wide. Tomorrow we disembark for a couple days in Athens before flying home.

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