Saying Goodbye to Greece

It was Monday morning and the start to our 17th and final day on holiday. If all goes as planned by Midnight Central Timezone we should be back in the Lone Star State in our own beds. We enjoyed another wonderful breakfast in the rooftop restaurant before gathering a few last items from the room as our driver neared the hotel to transfer us to the airport.

When a car transfer is required we are quite fond of the Blacklane service. We cannot remember when or how we learned of the service but they offer reliable black car (or van) service around the world. The drivers are always on time and greet you at the airport or hotel by name with immaculate vehicles. No standing in line waiting for a taxi or finding the right shuttle. The pricing is reasonable given the service and everything is handled behind the scenes via mobile phone app or the website. With our luggage loaded we took one last quick photo from the back seat before being whisked away to catch our flight.

It is always tough to leave a place, especially Greece. We have always loved time we have spent in Greece, whether it is on the mainland or islands. Greece has such warm people and beautiful scenery while having just enough dirt under the fingernails to be fun and unpretentious.

For now it is time to return home, start back to work, and pickup our two fur balls. The old man Moe gets along well at the cat retreat and just goes with the flow and sucks up all the attention he can garner.

The younger one not so much, she likes routine and is clearly not impressed with the accommodations.

After a thirty minute ride we were dropped off and checked into our flight. We made our way to the gate area and to our surprise bumped into a couple we adored on the ship from days earlier. They too spent a few days in Athens and were headed home via Toronto in the same flight.

Before long we were in the air and Greece was floating away beneath us. Tomorrow we will be back to work and beginning to plan the next journey.

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