Starting with Rio

We began our journey with a direct flight out of Miami to Rio not without incident. After boarding the aircraft on time, we were immediately concerned with a prevalence of flight mechanics coming and going from the cockpit. After some time any a few “updates” by the captain, we were directed to deplane due to a mechanical issue. Fortunately there was a second aircraft available and after a 3 hour delay we were on our way!

Never a great sign!

We arrived in Rio bright and early, though reasonably rested thanks to the lie flat seats on our 787. Passport control and customs were very quick and efficient. The hotel had arranged a car to transport us to the property. This transit was interesting to say the least in part by chaotic traffic, numerous militarized police vehicles, and less than stellar neighborhoods lining the motorway. Once arriving at the Copacabana Palace, we were very pleased with the accommodations. Certainly one of the most pleasant rooms and hotel grounds we have been lucky enough to visit.

After two wonderful nights that included dinner at two on-site Michelin star restaurants, ample pool and beach time, and armed with our negative Covid tests, it was time to head to the port and embark the Azamara Pursuit!

For now we leave Rio behind!

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