We Love a Parade!

We arrived in Buenos Aires in the early morning hours of Wednesday, December the 21st. With two full days to enjoy the City of 15+ million, we took our time disembarking the ship and making our way into the urban landscape. The first thing we noticed were Lionel Messi jerseys as far as the eye could see. The #10 blue and white striped jerseys were worn by women and children of all ages as they made their way to the World Cup Champions celebration parade route. Yes, somehow our itinerary overlapped with the Argentinians heroes return from their victory in Doha.

Argentinians Gather for Victory Parade

Once we navigated our way past the crowd we wandered the streets for a few hours stopping at a perfumery before bumping into the Four Seasons Hotel (we know, how adventurous) for lunch and vino. We then hopped in an Uber to tour the magnificent rose garden with some 18,000 specimens. This area is referred to as Palermo Woods and is a must see once you have had your fill of the urban hardscapes. There are numerous tranquil gardens including sculptures and water features.

Fueguia 1833 Buenos Aires
Paseo del Rosedal

After stopping to smell the roses (had to go there) we hopped in a second Uber to make our way back to port for the evening. Day 2 in Buenos Aires coming up!

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