AzAmazing Evening!

One of the wonderful things about Azamara Cruises is they tend to include more overnights in ports. As a result of that, they include a special evening event during each cruise they dub an AzAmazing Evenings.

These are always fun, but the evening in Montevideo set a new bar. Side Note: this is the first AzAmazing Evening being hosted since the world shut down and even the Captain raved this is the best AzAmazing Evening they host.

For this event, we were whisked away to the Solis Theatre. There we were presented with a special presentation of the story of Carnival. While Rio may have the largest Carnival in the world, in Montevideo they have the longest. 40 days.

We were met with a red carpet complete with stilt walkers, performers and beverages. After the compulsory photo op with the Captain and Entertainment Director we were whisked into the theatre to our seats, front row. One of the perks of our cabin arrangements this journey.

Cruise Director with our Captain

The performance told the story of Carnival. From the first settlers in Uruguay to the initial masquerade galas to modern day Carnival complete with candombe drummers and carnival performers. We learned that the musical group who performed for us can do as many as 80+ performances in the local neighborhoods during Carnival.

We could post 20 videos of the performance. It was hard picking just a few images from the night. Truly a special opportunity!

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