Beach, Waterfalls, and Caipirinhas!

Leaving Santos behind we woke up off the coast of Ilhabela, Brazil. A beautiful island with 85% of the land protected as a state park. This day we joined an excursion offered by the boat to spend time at a popular beach and then a waterfall located in an Atlantic tropical rainforest. Before any of that could happen, we all boarded one of 4 4×4 vehicles and then hung on for dear life as we headed to the beach!

2/4 Excursion Vehicles

The beach was lovely complete with chairs, tables, and umbrellas. The water was a bit chilly, some waded in while others dove straight in. We chose the former route before settling in our loungers for an aperol spritz.

Aperol Spritz for Breakfast

After around an hour and a half we all boarded the 4x4s and off we went to the waterfall. Once there we were highly encouraged to coat ourselves with bug spray. Those who did not head this warning laid the price. It’s a jungle people, there will be bugs.

After a short stay at the waterfall (remember rain being the operative word here!) we all boarded the vehicles and headed back to the town enter where we went our separate ways. After strolling a few blocks, we found a great spot tucked in behind tropical foliage to enjoy lunch. We ordered up a few shareable plates and Brazil’s National cocktail, the Caipirinha. This delicious libation is made with cachaça (sugarcane hard liquor), sugar, and lime. The best way to describe it is if a margarita and a mojito had a love child. After a few of those, we stumbled, we mean strolled, back to the pier to return to our quarters for rest.


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