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Never go on trips with anyone you do not love – Ernest Hemingway

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On day two of our adventure the time change had us awake early. That combined with the prior evenings wine pairings left us a bit sluggish. After a nice breakfast at the hotel we discussed our next days transfer to the cruise pier with the excellent concierge and then hopped a water taxi to Murano. […]

We touched down at Venice’s Marco Polo around 10:00 Sunday morning, quickly gathered our bags and met up with our driver who would shuttle us to the pier where we would catch our boat transfer to the hotel. The journey took approximately an hour total and was well worth the wait. For our stay in […]

We awoke early with anticipation and as with any trip a small list of last minute items to check off the list. The cats were remarkably calm and went about their morning routine. That being, we feed them and they go off to enjoy the morning light by their favorite window. As the last few […]

What’s the deal with the Tiger and Rooster anyway? The Tiger and Rooster go back to May of 2013 and our wedding at the W Hotel in Washington, D.C. Two of our dearest friends (shoutout, Guillermo and Lulu) presented the figurines to us and made us promise to take them on our honeymoon. Ever since, […]

After disembarking the boat and catching our excellent transfer arranged by Windstar we checked back in at the delightful Mandarin Oriental for one more day and night. We debated for a bit about how to spend our last afternoon in Singapore before deciding to visit the zoo. Next decision, how to get there? The public […]

Our final port destination before returning to Singapore was Malacca. We were awake early and often on the 9th morning due to our obnoxious and clueless neighbors opening and closing their door no less than 8 times during the six o’clock hour. Nevertheless, we joint a group exploring the “Dutch Trail” meandering through the Malacca […]

On day 8 we found ourselves at the port of Pon Klang, Malaysia. The real destination of the day would be an hour bus ride to Kuala Lumpur. First stop was for a viewing of the national monument. While there we got a chance to observe filming for part of a Bollywood production. We then […]