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Up and at it and off to Arles. Going into this tour we had no idea what to expect and I had no idea just how rich of a history there was in Arles. From the Greeks, Romans, to Van Gogh.    We entered to find a quintessential Provençal town. Beautiful window boxes filled with […]

It’s time. Nice has been fantastic but it is time to get to Avignon and unpack on the boat.       We had a fantastic last night out in Nice and staying out a little later than expected thanks to great conversation with a fellow Canadian and his two Irish cousins. Still confused about that one […]

Success! We started the day before noon and with a surprising breakfast at the hotel. When I first saw the scrambled eggs I thought “ugh, runny scrambled eggs,” then I remembered the recipe in the Julia Child’s cookbook & took a chance. Easily the best scrambled eggs ever but I got distracted, our day in […]

After a fun afternoon in Monaco, we sought culinary inspiration from our Viking concierge. After querying us for our price and taste preferences, he quickly selected “Le Bistro Gourmand”, but more importantly offered to telephone for reservations, adding, “I will do the talking”. Upon our arrival we were shown to our table by a kind […]

   Amsterdam and what a better way to start the morning than with bubbles, that’s right, after a long flight we are starting our European leg with a Champagne “flight” – I justify it with “well I am on my way to France” – sure I am not going to the Champagne region but who […]

Suitcases packed! And Francois does not even look overly concerned this year and my husband has declared “last shower this side of the pond!” With our first night is behind us we are ready! Maybe 4 glasses of wine was a bit much last night 😉 but we got swept up in the excitement of […]

Yes Ladies, we can have straight hair while overseas but before you plug your favorite American hair straightener that you know so well and love, into that adapter, DON’T!! Trust me, there is not an adapter that works no matter what kind of advice you might find on the Internet.  Trust me, I’ve tried and […]

So another cruise has come and gone and while we love cruising, there are just a few things that annoy the holy heck out of us every time. Here are just a few we compiled. Families and/or groups that insist on carrying walkie talkies all over the ship. You look like you’re conducting some kind […]

Katakolon, Greece was a late itinerary change but did not disappoint. Less arid than other stops in Greece plus a visit to the site of the ancient Olympic Games followed by a wine tasting at a local winery.